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About Us

pH7 brings together patients and leading medical professionals focused on new categories of medicine who are passionate about improving patients quality of life via access to cannabis as a medicine. 

Who We Are

pH7 bring together communities of individuals who are passionate about wellness, and have experience working with cannabis as a medicine.

What Do We Do

Via our mobile application we bring together desperate patients and hard to access doctors to give the best medical consultations and convenient pharmaceutical deliveries available.

How Do We Help?

Finding Medicinal Cannabis specialists is difficult, finding trusted and current sources of information can be even harder.

pH7 helps by making these connections reliable, fast and convenient.

What’s our mission?

The wellness of modernity. Our mission is to make the next era of medicine accessible to everybody everywhere. 



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Over the years, we have been recognized across the nation and have acquired a number of certificates and awards.

Top 100 Employers in Portugal
Leading Cannabis Dispensary in Portugal
Cannabis Specialist Professional
Top 25 Doctors



Frequently Asked Question

  • We currently offer virtual nutrition support.  Virtual care is similar to in-person visits with your healthcare provider. During the virtual visit, you and your provider will discuss your current health status and your nutritional plan. They are also able to answer all your questions and during this time. If they think that you require physical examination, they can book you with an in-person appointment.

Meet Our Doctors

Dr. James Ferguson

Dr. James Ferguson

Dr. Elizabeth Morgan

Dr. Elizabeth Morgan

Dr. James Robert

Dr. James Robert