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Bringing the Medical Cannabis to Your Doorstep

pH7 App – Your One-Stop Shop for Dependable Medicinal Cannabis Delivery

How Does It Work?


  1. Download the pH7 app and sign up for your secure account.
  2. Schedule your call with a doctor.
  3. Fill out an online form and submit your ID information (KYC)
  4. Access e-prescription ready system
  5. Choose the medical cannabis product for you
  6. Make the payment
  7. Have the same-day pharmacy delivery of your Cannabis

Modern Technology for Your Medicinal Cannabis Needs.

Doctors who specialize in diagnosing and treating diseases or conditions of the heart and blood. 


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Tilray Flor Seca

Tilray Flor Seca THC 18

Medicinal cannabis, or more precisely Cannabis flos, consists of the dried flowers of the female Cannabis sativa L. plant. Cannabis contains various different active substances, including substances classified as cannabinoids, such as delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD)
Sativex Is A Mouth Spray Which Contains Cannabis Extract. It Contains 2.7Mg Of Thc And 2.5Mg Of Cbd.

Sativex THC Spray

Sativex is a mouth spray which contains cannabis extract. It contains 2.7mg of THC and 2.5mg of CBD.
What Our Clients Think About Us

What Our Clients Think About Us

Why People Choose Us

It is our goal to provide you with the highest quality care. Our family taking care of yours!

Our Team Of Doctors Are Highly-Qualified And Specializes In Different Areas Of Medical Care.

Qualified Doctors

Our team of doctors are highly-qualified and specializes in different areas of medical care.
We Offer The Best Cannabis Products Available In Portugal. 

High Quality Products

We offer the best cannabis products available in Portugal. 
We Ensure That Everyone Is Treated Uniquely And Individually. We Always Make Time For You.

Personalized Care

We ensure that everyone is treated uniquely and individually. We always make time for you.

Meet Our Doctors

Dr. James Ferguson

Dr. James Ferguson

Dr. Elizabeth Morgan

Dr. Elizabeth Morgan

Dr. James Robert

Dr. James Robert

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